Frequently Asked Questions

What is Portfolio?Wallet, Portfolio

Portfolio hosts all the assets supported by ZelCore. To use a asset simply click on it's icon to bring you to the assets wallet page.

What are Contacts?contacts

In ZelCore, contacts are your saved addresses. For example, when you send or receive coins from an exchange, or any other 3rd party (friends) you can assign a name to that address for future use. For coins with zk-SNARKS, you can save both Z-Addresses (Shielded) or T-Addresses (Transparent) in your contacts.

What are Shielded Addresses?shielded, zaddresses, z-addresses, addresses, zksnarks, privacy

A Shielded Address provides anonymous/private transactions using zk-SNARKS. All transactions sent or received via that address will not be visible on the coins explorer.

What are FullNodes?FullNodes, full node, node

When a user opts to run a FullNode wallet, ZelCore will download a copy of the full blockchain of the selected coin on the user's computer. This is only recommended for the users who want to use private Z-addresses, as using FullNode will consume extra system resources (CPU and Storage.)

Do I need to use FullNode?FullNodes, full node, node

Other than private transactions, FullNodes can utilise advance features such as importing existing private Keys and re-scanning of blockchains to import a previous (existing) wallet.dats from other wallet apps.

What are Peers, Height and Headers?peers, height, headers, fullnode, node, full node

Once the FullNode is downloaded for a coin in ZelCore, ‘Peers’ display the number of peer-to-peer connections ZelCore has made with other Nodes for that coin.
The height is the number of blocks in the blockchain between it and the genesis block (genesis block height is 0). When 100% synced, the user should see the most recent block height numbers as per the coins explorer.
Each block on the blockchain is identified by a block header. When a wallet is 100% synced, the headers show the most recent block height.

How many Peer to Peer connections are considered good/okay?peer to peer, peer, connections, node, fullnode, full node

By default ZelCore will connect up to 10 peers. Anything over 5 peers is considered good/okay.

After downloading FullNode on ZelCore, the wallet synchronization is slow?fullnode, full, node, full node, synchronization

The FullNode wallet on ZelCore syncs to the most recent block height, every time FullNode is launched on ZelCore.

How can I change the currency from USD to BTC or other fiat currency?rates, currency

Click on your profile and then select your desired currency, from the drop down menu.

How can I add a picture to my profile?picture, profile, settings

Click your profile to add/change your profile picture.

How can I see my private keys?private keys, private, key, export, wallet, privatekey

Click on your profile to see your private keys.

How can I create multiple wallets?wallets, accounts, multiple accounts

You have 3 wallets per asset by default but you can create a new account on the launch page.

How can I import my previous wallets into ZelCore?import, privatekey, private keys, keys, wallets, wallet

You need to activate FullNode for the coin you wish to import into ZelCore, and then select Tools > Import My Private Key and/or Re-Scan Blockchain.

What does rescan blockchain mean?blockchain, rescan, fullnode, node, full node

Rescanning allows ZelCore to sweep the blockchains for available funds under all addresses within your wallet.

What is a private key?privatekey, private keys, keys, wallets, wallet

A private key is not a wallet address. It is a key to access your funds. Private Keys unlock and allow transfer of funds from your wallet. If you lose it, you practically lose access to your funds. Treat your private keys like the keys to your house, make sure you have a spare copy stored somewhere safe.

What is the encryption key?key, encryptionkey, encryption key, security

The encryption key is used by ZelCore to encrypt all the wallets in ZelCore. When a new account with a new username and password is created ZelCore takes the password and creates a salted hash from it. ZelCore then adds the username to that salted hash and creates another salted hash from that value. This value (SHA256 hash) is the user’s encryption key.
The encryption key is used to encrypt both contacts.json and wallet.dat files with the AES-256-CTR algorithm.
When a user selects a coin in FullNode for the first time, ZelCore accesses the coins default path and reads its wallet.dat file.
If the wallet.dat file exists and has not been used, ZelCore creates a backup called (wallet.dat*TIMESTAMP*BACKUP) and uses it to access the addresses inside of the wallet.dat.
When ZelCore closes the coins daemon and other FullNode processes are shutdown. ZelCore then takes this wallet.dat and encrypts it with the encryption key and then gives the output of wallet.datUSERNAME , allowing for multiple users on the same device and increased security.

How many MB of disk space is required to run ZelCore?storage, space, hard drive, gb, mb

Initial setup requires less than 200 MB.

How many GB of disk space is required to run ZelCore with all coins enabled?gb, mb, full node, node, fullnode

To run ZelCore with no FullNodes activated you need roughly 300 MB. It is not recommended to download FullNode for coins other than those you require Z-addresses for. Currently, Zelcash FullNode requires about 700 MB at the moment. Zcash FullNode requires around 2GB at the moment. Bitcoin FullNodes are expected to be up to 300 GB. So the amount of disk space required will change from coin to coin.

How can I secure (encrypt/backup) my wallets?backup, back up, back

ZelCore is encrypted and backed up by default. When you log into ZelCore, all the wallets are decrypted. So it is advisable to logout or quit/exit out of ZelCore when you are not using it to allow ZelCore to encrypt and back-itself-up.

What are Apps?apps, dapps, decentralised applications, decentralized applications, d-apps, app store

Currently the only App available is Zel ID which allows you to enhance the security of ZelCore amongst other things in the future. Other applications are in development and will be added here before the Apps section is opened into a full fledged App Store.

I forgot my username/password. How can I recover them?recover, username, password, account, details, help, lost, forgot, user name

ZelCore does not keep a copy of unencrypted password locally nor remotely. Due to this feature, there's no way to retrieve the password nor to change it. When you lose (or forget) either username or password, you will lose access to your wallet PERMANENTLY. Thus it is IMPORTANT and IMPERATIVE that you keep a copy of your information somewhere safe.

ZelCore source code?source code, open source, code, opensource, closed source, closed

ZelCore has been written by and is a property of Zel Technologies .GmbH. As such the source code is not public and is company property.

Creditscredits, authors

Tadeas Kmenta, Matthew Reichardt, Rafael Janetzek, Miles Manley and Lumi Ibishi.

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